In case we've never met, I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Elizabeth Larson and I've been a professional photographer for 26 years. It's hard to believe that much time has gone by - and I've loved every minute of it!  My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic when I was about 12 given to me by my father, who is a photojournalist and travel writer - he was and still is my inspiration!

While in college I began to get serious about photography and my camera of choice then was a Pentax K1000, which I used for several years until I inherited my grandfather's Leica CL when I was in my early twenties.  I still have that camera and my K1000 too, though I now work in digital capture with a Canon 5D Mark III and Mark II. 

Originally starting my business in Charlottesville, Virginia I currently reside in the beautiful North Carolina countryside between Greensboro, NC and Danville, VA. Weddings, portrait sessions, assignments, friends, and family often bring me back to Virginia. I will travel anywhere or come see me! I have a gorgeous outdoor "studio" and many areas surrounding me offer a variety of locations in a natural setting. 

For several years now, I've been an instructor teaching a weeklong workshop annually at the prestigious John C Campbell Folk School in the western part of North Carolina. I'm honored to be a part of this amazing place! Be sure to visit their website or better yet stop by there if you are in the area. From time to time, I teach 2 to 5 day local workshops as well. In addition, I'm available for mentoring and one-on-one instruction. 

Other than photography, I also enjoy the great outdoors, gardening, cooking, kayaking, camping, traveling, collecting art, writing, attending live music shows & festivals, and of course spending time with my wonderful partner Terry - and our five fur babies. Together, Terry and I are learning to play a musical instrument called the mountain dulcimer {he is clearly better!}. Our most recent adventure was taking a stained glass class together. Our lives are so rich and that I am very grateful for!